Chemistry Happens Outside the Lab ... so Should Analysis

Laboratories use mass spectrometry as their gold-standard technology for detecting and identifying chemicals in a sample. It is a sensitive technology that can detect chemicals at very small concentrations, often called trace level detection.  It is also very selective, meaning within one complex sample, many chemicals can be separated out and identified, even those that are very similar in chemical structure.

Mass spectrometers use library matching algorithms to identify the various chemical components within a sample, even in the presence of a complex chemical background. As new chemicals are identified, they can be added to the library of detectable chemicals. These attributes make mass spectrometry the most trusted technology for chemical identification and confirmation.

FLIR Mass Spectrometry

CBRNE and HAZMAT emergencies rarely occur in the safety of a laboratory – they can happen anywhere. FLIR mass spectrometers accurately detect and identify explosives, drugs, CWAs, TICs, environmental pollutants and a wide range of other chemicals. Each FLIR mass spectrometer is built to operate in challenging environments, from road vehicles and deployable lab containers to entry control checkpoints and temporary tent structures. Unique sample inlets and hassle-free sampling accessories enable operators to analyze air, liquid, or solid samples. The combination of intuitive software and expandable libraries provide users with high fidelity, easy to read results that instill confidence at the site of action.

Why Griffin G400-Series Mobile GC/MS?

Griffin G400-series GC/MS systems are designed, not adapted, to operate in mobile labs, reconnaissance vehicles, deployable lab containers, and other portable platforms. Where chemical analysis was formerly a lengthy process that required bringing samples to the lab, FLIR has shifted the logistics paradigm from "sample-to-lab analysis" to "lab-to-sample analysis." The ability to perform on-scene chemical analysis preserves sample integrity and eliminates the expense of shipping unwanted samples. Griffin GC/MS systems are compatible with the largest selection of sampling tools available, giving field users the ultimate flexibility during important missions. FLIR’s intuitive, menu-based Griffin System Software™ application and exclusive, mission-focused GriffinLib™ chemical library eliminate data interpretation in the field and instill user-confidence. Griffin GC/MS systems use miniature ion trap mass spectrometry (MS) technology that provides additional selectivity through inherent multidimensional mass analysis (MS/MS or MSn). MS/MS provides both a first-stage mass analysis to determine if a particular analyte of interest is present in a test sample, and, within milliseconds, a second-stage confirmation of the analyte's identity. The precision and flexibility offered by the Griffin GC/MS product line has never before been available in a field-ready mass spectrometer.

Why Fido X80-Series Desktop Trace Detectors?

During checkpoint screening, operators are typically concerned with a specific set of targets like explosives or narcotics threats, but the operational environment is full of many different chemicals. Fido X80-series desktop trace detectors use miniature ion trap mass spectrometry (MS) technology to selectively detect targets of interest by breaking down the chemical sample into specific chemical fingerprints and rapidly determining if they represent a threat.  The inherent selective ability of the Fido X80-series in an operational environment is unmatched by IMS technology, offering 10x greater capacity to differentiate between target materials and background. This ability significantly reduces the chance of false alarms in operational environments. The innovative design of the Fido X80 MS system limits maintenance and results in a faster clear down time after alarms even when exposed to non-trace amounts of targets. Fido X80 MS offers operators increased efficiency and high confidence during security screening operations.

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