FLIR Approved Applications

In addition to the official FLIR apps, we've built a showcase of the best of breed apps written for the FLIR ONE. When your app achieves FLIR Approved App status, it will automatically be added to the gallery.

Boat Beacon

Featured App

Boat Beacon for FLIR ONE
by PocketMariner

Boat Beacon uses AIS to show the positions of ships around you when at sea including bearing and distance and closest point of approach (CPA). It also has a Marker button (MOB) which you can use to mark a spot and track its location. Boat Beacon's Augmented Reality view shows the ship positions, a thermal view, and MOB overlaid on the live Camera View.
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The Apps listed on this page have been reviewed and approved by FLIR and have been given the “FLIR Approved” status, which is verification that the App conforms to FLIR’s corporate guidelines and policies for appropriate content and user experience. FLIR does not review the App for compliance with Intellectual Property rights, safety, or other potential factors that may result in liability to the Developer; thus FLIR disclaims any and all liability that may arise through a third party’s use of the App or whether the App will meet any quality standard or level of merchantability.