Personal Vision Systems

Tracking big game in a clear cut? Trying to stop predators from harming your livestock? How about finding members of your party in the woods? Put the confidence and security of thermal night vision in your hands with the FLIR Scout Series. It's like your own personal hunting, hiking, and camping guide.

FLIR Scout PS-Series  

Scout PS-Series

The compact, lightweight FLIR Scout PS-Series thermal handheld camera gives you clear, crisp thermal imagery from dawn to dusk and through the dead of night. If you can't bear to miss a thing while exploring the great outdoors, the Scout PS-Series, starting at $1,999, is your ticket to experience the night as never before.

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FLIR Scout TS-Series  

Scout TS-Series

The original FLIR Scout, the TS-Series provides unparalleled field performance and value, along with excellent image quality. An expanded array of six models with differing resolutions and optical performance, field-swappable batteries, and optional image and video capture capabilities make the TS-Series perfect for expedition leaders, wildlife management professionals, and ranchers.

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FLIR Scout BTS-Series  

Scout BTS-Series Bi-Ocular

The new FLIR Scout BTS Bi-Ocular camera gives serious outdoor enthusiasts, stewards, and officials the ultimate in thermal imaging performance and control. Featuring a full coverage eyepiece, inter-ocular adjustment, ergonomic comfort, straightforward controls, and the unrivaled performance that only FLIR can deliver, the FLIR Scout BTS Bi-Ocular is a must-have.

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