FLIR Thermal Night Vision for the Great Outdoors

FLIR thermal night vision products help you see clearly at night while hiking, hunting, and enjoying other outdoor adventures. Thermal imagers like the FLIR Scout and the new ThermoSight® R-Series hunting scope create images by detecting heat, using the same infrared technology found in FLIR’s advanced military and law enforcement cameras. As a result, warm bodies glow bright through a FLIR thermal imager.


Whether you’re tracking big game, searching for someone lost in the woods, or stopping predators from harming livestock, make sure you take a FLIR.

FLIR Scout Handheld Thermal Night Vision Imagers  

FLIR Scout Handheld Thermal Night Vision Imagers

Put the confidence and security of thermal night vision in your hands with the FLIR Scout Series. Discover a range of affordable models that can detect a person between 350 yards and 1.5 miles away, in total darkness, mist, light foliage, or even smoke. See what you’ve been missing.
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FLIR TheroSight R-Series  

FLIR ThermoSight® R-Series

The FLIR ThermoSight® R-Series is the world’s first line of thermal night vision rifle scopes for non-game hunting starting under $3,500. Combining advanced image optimization with a simple, easy-to-use design, the R-Series delivers rock-solid infrared imaging, day or night.
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